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SHOPPERS BONAIRE has updated it's website.

Apart from Shoppers Bonaire, You will now also find links to 2 other companies that were extrapolated from the same concept.

On the one hand you have Le Garage, a company that has an ever growing assortment, of IKEA products and products from other companies, in stock, on Bonaire.
There is also the possibility to order from IKEA in Sunrise, Florida. Le Garage takes care of all the work. The price quotes are guaranteed and you get a limited warranty your purchases.

On the other hand you have PriceClub. THis initiative is based on the ever growing cost of groceries on Bonaire. We want to give every person on Bonaire
the opportunity to shop basic groceries, in the USA, at prices far below current market prices. We are convinced there will be great demand and we encourage people
to come up with products that we can add to our monthly shopping list.

Fill out an information request form for Shoppers Bonaire, Come to Le Garage, to browse through our store, or fill out the registration form for PriceClub. We offer something for everybody!


" If you need it shipped, use Shoppers!
It's the BEST!!!!"

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